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Jane E Lythgoe

Site Creator, Brit-Kiwi-American. Messianic Believer. משיחי مسيحي. B.Sc. Dip. Tchg. Ex-Geologist, Ex-Teacher. Living in Petra, Jordan. (Not affiliated with any organisation.)

Who Flees to Petra?—The Evidence

Petra is the one-and-only place of safety for the Wise Virgins in the coming 3.5 year Great Tribulation—the rapture is after the Tribulation. Petra is for believers in the Messiah—not Judaists!

The next catastrophic event on Earth ('flood') is the coming 1260 day Tribulation. Petra is the next 'ark'. It's the only place of refuge and nourishment for the Holy-Spirit Sealed believers in the Messiah. It's the singular "place prepared for her in the wilderness" for the Woman of the End Time (Revelation 12:14).

Petra is the most easily defendable natural fortress on Earth. It can be sealed off like a sheep-pen along narrow chasms, including its most famous one, the Siq. Petra is the sheep pen in Micah 2, not the other Jordanian city of Bozrah.

The Woman is all the Holy Spirit Sealed believers in the Messiah over the course of all history. She is the spiritually pure Bride of Messiah (144,000).

There is no such thing as the corporate man-child; Messiah is the man-child. The Woman is the Bride and she is a corporate Maiden.

She is part of the True, Spiritual, Israel: along with the Great Unsealed Multitude. She will help rule and reign with the Messiah, with the Unsealed in support. The name Israel means, 'He Shall Rule as Al (God)'. 

The crown of 12 stars at her head, along with her own 12 main stars, means she comes from all 12 Tribes of Israel, and the Woman knows these roots of hers. Not the State of Israel (although a small percentage will be Israelis), but from the descendants of the 12 sons of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob, also named Israel.

The Woman includes Messiah-accepting bloodline Jews from the Tribe of Judah, like Marim (Mary) the mother of Yehushuo (Jesus), but no Messiah-denying Judaists!

The rest of the tribes of Israel actually mainly settled in the Western Nations after their Assyrian (and some, Babylonian) exile. So most Messianics and Christians today are descendants of Jacob and don't even know it! The Lost Tribes mainly ended up settling in: the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the other European countries.

Also, as it has always been, most non-Israelite people can be grafted into a physical tribe of Israel through obedience.

However, protection (the Holy Spirit Seal) is based on obedience, not genetics. Her crown of 12 stars, and own 12 stars, merely helps us identify her physical, historical and cultural roots.

There will be many Israelite people who do not go to Petra or make the rapture. Perhaps they will be given a chance at the end of the New Millennium, but certainly not those who take the Mark of the Beast.

The living portion of the Woman in the End Time are the Wise Virgins. It is they who flee to Petra. They go out to meet their Groom by being spiritually, emotionally and physically purified (like Queen Esther).

They are made set-apart in the Holy Wilderness. Petra is the Biblical Exodus station of Kadesh barnea. This name means 'Holy Wilderness of Wandering'. The Earth will also be wandering to and fro like a drunkard during the Great Tribulation.

The escapees are the Philadelphian assembly who have endured patiently and now are of little strength (Revelation 3). However, Father YEWE [Yehweh] will miraculously keep them from the hour of trial, because they have not denied His Name. He will open a door for them that no one can shut, to Petra, and provide any funding and support they need to escape.

The Woman will flee to Petra on planes, angels' wings or angels chariots. It has to involve flying since she's give the two great wings of an eagle (Revelation 12:14). All those open to the idea of fleeing to Petra should have their bags packed as much as possible at all times: in case they need to leave fast.

The Foolish Virgins will be those deceived enough not to go to Petra, or not counted worthy to escape all these things. Some will not go even when given ample opportunity.

These are the remnant of the Woman's seed whom the Dragon will make war with. They will not take the Mark of the Beast because they know that will absolutely lead to the fiery lake reserved for the Devil and his angels. Therefore, these believers will almost certainly be martyred by beheading, in order to make the (post-Trib) rapture and to later on rule and reign as part of the True Israel. These martyrs make up most part of the Great Multitude of Revelation.

There were also thousands of martyrs in the first century, like the disciples. However, they were sealed with the full out-pouring of the Holy Spirit (we only have a partial infilling now). Therefore these are included in the 144,000.

Even if the foolish ones find enough resources to live on for 42 months (slim chances) they will still live a hellish life in terror and be hunted down by the Powers That Be, commanded by Satan Himself. Think Hunger Games: except on a huge scale!

So, do yourself a favor now and study this, for the time is short. Better be safe than sorry!

My evidence for 'Who Flees to Petra?' is updated regularly and I like it easily shareable, so I use Facebook albums. Click the image below to access my first album on this topic. There is one album in total.

Who Flees to Petra?—Most Important Evidence

Why Flee to Petra?—The Evidence

I heard about Petra being a Biblical End Time safe place about 20 years ago. However, it wasn't until about 10 years ago that I decided to research it more. It was then I started publishing online about it on my Sacred Names website yehweh.org.

I'm not part of or affiliated with any church or organisation. Also I've never been part of the Worldwide Church of God or any of its offshoots that also teach Petra is the place of safety. Over the last 10 years I've just independently studied the Bible and Petra myself, and come to my own conclusion. 'Petra—Place of Safety' is just an educational website.

Over this time I have collected a large amount of what I believe to be solid Biblical, historical, cultural, archaeological, geological, and astronomical evidence, that Petra is the Place of Safety.

Also, I have much evidence that this Place is for the wisest living believers in the Messiah—and not the Judaists.

Amazingly, some of the most powerful evidence I have found has been since I have been living in Wadi Musa (Valley of Moses) since December 2016. This is the town right next to the Petra Archaeological Park.

Most astonishingly, I have found that there are symbols of the Revelation 12 great heavenly sign and the Matthew 13 wheat harvest carved into stone at the Treasury (the main attraction at Petra).

My evidence for 'Why Flee to Petra?' is updated regularly and I like it easily shareable, so I use Facebook albums. Click the image below to access my first album on this topic. There are five albums in total.

Why Flee to Petra?—Most Important Evidence

Why Flee In 2017?—The Evidence

Over the 10 years I've been studying Petra the Place of Safety, it has only been since the Tetrad Blood Moons in 2014 and 2015 that have I been watching for windows for us to flee in.

Currently the most likely window I see is before the Orthodox Yom Kippur on September 30, 2017.

This is one week after September 23, where we have a possible fulfillment of the Revelation 12 sign (this sign is actually inscribed in stone at the Treasury!). Thirty three days before this we have the sun darkening in the U.S.A. on August 21 (40 teshuvah days before Yom Kippur). So, we are seeing the heavenly signs in Joel 2:31, as well as the great Revelation 12 sign, possibly being fulfilled.

In terms of Earthly signs, there is a lot of talk about peace and safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3) by Trump these days, which means the Tribulation may come on soon and suddenly, like birth pains. In addition, the miraculous funding (from the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation [plundering of the Sons of the East: Isaiah 11:14?]) to facilitate fleeing before Yom Kippur would be a sign to flee in itself. The first stronghold of ISIS, the Iraqi city of Mosul, has just been 'liberated': so this international reinstatement of Iraq and its currency appears to be soon.

Amazingly, there are also Golden Divine Phi Spirals ("God's Fingerprint") on: the September 23 sign, The Treasury, and Noah's Ark (Petra is the End Time ark: Petra's rock is also like Noah's Ark's gopher [pine] wood).

My evidence for 'Why Flee in 2017?' is updated regularly and I like it easily shareable, so I use Facebook albums. Click the image below to access my first album on this topic. There are four albums in total.

Why Flee in 2017?—Most Important Evidence

Videos by Jane Lythgoe

Funding to Flee—Watch this Space!

Right now I am dirt poor like most of us, lol. However, I plan on financially helping as many family, friends and acquaintances flee to Petra, YEWE willing.

In the mean time please try to purchase some Iraqi Dinar from a dealer near you to participate in the plundering of the sons of the east which I believe is spoken of in Isaiah 11:14.

Please watch this space and/or subscribe to our newsletter to be updated about funding developments.

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